◆ L140

L140 is an office for the conception of projects between art and architecture founded in 2009 by Anji Dinh Van, Melissa Épaminondi and Sophie Vigourous. Their special feature is to listen to the individual client to be close to his desires. In a disoriented time running at full speed their research goes towards the creation of spaces that propose a return towards ourselves, a withdrawal within, allowing a pause for the time needed to remember oneself. L140 proposes architecture “made to measure“ offering everything from interior design to the construction of buildings. The scope of their research is shown in exhibitions conceived for art or design galleries. The fi rst project L140 – An edition of 500 nights has been imagined as a prototype laying the foundations of a largest project including a publishing house, a holidays houses and interior architecture specialized departments.

◆ Anji Dinh Van

Anji Dinh Van (b. 1983) lives and works in Paris. Since 2006, she and her associate Maroussia Rebecq have been running the Andrea Crews artistic collective and fashion brand.
Combining several aspects of contemporary art, Andrea Crews presents and stages collections in the form of performances, happenings and video clips, creating many different events on the borderline of art and the daily round.
A graduate of the Reims Management School, she has specialized in the management of cultural enterprises. In 2009 she co-founded L140 with Sophie Vigourous and Mélissa Épaminondi, a design agency dealing with projects involving Art and Architecture.

◆ Mélissa Epaminondi

Mélissa Épaminondi (b. 1977 in Bastia, Corsica) is an architect and visual artist, living and working in Corsica and Paris. She is involved in a work process establishing links between art and architecture through Projection, in both the literal and figurative sense. Her architectural approach enables her to understand installation and video art in a particular way, dealing with the relation between the body, architecture and film.
She focuses especially on spaces connected with the intimate. Since 2009 she has been carrying on her activities within the L140 collective (a project design bureau situated somewhere between art and architecture) while at the same time carrying on her personal activities. Since 2013 Mélissa Épaminondi has been represented by the Stanley White production company within which the producer and art historian Fabien Danesi assists her with her video art projects.

◆ Sophie Vigourous

Sophie Vigourous (b. 1978) lives and works in Paris. Since 2007, she has directed the contemporary art section of the Jousse Entreprise gallery in Paris. A graduate in Hispanic and Hispano-American Letters and Civilizations of the Blaise Pascal University of Human Sciences in Clermont- Ferrand, in the Humanities (Humanidades) at Burgos University in Spain, and of the École Supérieure d’Art in Grenoble, she was the director’s assistant at the Centre d’Art Contemporain, the CRAC Alsace, from 2003 to 2007, where she coordinated the exhibitions and set up the press and educational department. In tandem with those activities, in 2006-2007 she founded the “Forever Young Project”, a gallery/ artist’s residency programme based in her apartment, devised by the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, at the Cité Manifeste in Mulhouse. The specific feature of the works shown is that they are made on the premises and in direct relation with them. In 2009, she co-founded L140 with Anji Dinh Van and Melissa Épaminondi, a space for designing projects somewhere between Art and Architecture, with a specialization in holiday homes.

Architectural projects
“L140 – An edition of 500 nights“
– Ephemeral project lasting two years –
Rehabilitation of a small building in a oneroom
hotel (34m2)
Contemporary Art Center Ange Leccia,
Oletta (Corsica)
Sketch of the project (500m2)
“The Conti House”, foreshadowing of
Contemporary Art Center Ange Leccia,
Oletta (Corsica)
Rehabilitation of an existing house (100 m2)
”Loft École Le Corbusier”, Paris
Rehabilitation of an existing duplex (70 m2)
“La Maison de Claire“, Corsica
Realization of a holiday house (110 m2)
Alexandre's apartment
Rehabilitation of an existing apartment (30 m²)
Interpretation center of the Monte Revincu archaeological heritage
Feasibility Study
Francesca's apartment
Rehabilitation of an existing apartment (28 m²)
PHI House (La Maison Φ)
Holiday House realisation (127 m²)

“L140 - An edition of 500 nights“
Presentation of the project at Mercier et
Associés Gallery, Paris
“L140 - An edition of 500 nights“, fi nishing of
the project at Galerie des Multiples, Paris
“L140 - A holiday edition“ at Great Design
Gallery, Paris

Award of Club des Directeurs Artistiques for
the project “L140 - An edition of 500 nights“